Genaina, Sep. 6 (SUNA) – The joint Sudanese – Chadian forces have foiled an attempt to smuggle dozens of people, most of them are Sudanese, who were in their way to Libya illegally.

The commander of the Sudanese forces in the joint Sudanese – Chadian forces, Brig. Saad Al-Hadi Al-Balula, said that the joint forces have prevented the infiltration of 30 people, who were on their way to Libya illegally, through the Chadian region of Um-Jaras, which lies on the border with Sudan.

Brig. Saad Al-Hadi Al-Balula said that there were 22 Sudanese persons among the arrested persons, in addition to five Ethiopians and three South Sudanese persons.

He indicated that the arrested persons were released after communications between the joint forces, the Chadian authorities and the regular forces at the border.

On his part, the Governor of West Darfur, Gen. Khamis Abdalla Abbkar, praised the role of the Sudanese - Chadian joint forces in curbing illegal immigration and their contribution to providing humanitarian and development services at the area between the two countries.

He gave a directive to transport all the arrested persons to their home areas and countries in coordination with the government of West Darfur State.

It is worth mentioning that the Sudanese - Chadian joint forces contributed in the past period to illuminating a number of villages adjacent to Chad, as well as their support to the educational and health process.


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