Al Fula, Sep.20(SUNA)-The member of the Coordinating body of the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) in the West Kordofan State , , Abdalla Hamdi Ahmed  has underscored importance of good  coordination  with the Committee for  Dismantling the June 30 Regime  for achievement of security  and  stability to abort movements of elements of the National Congress Party who are working for installing  the transitional period  and sabotaging the  national economy.

Abdalla, who is also Supervisor of the oil file at the FFC  Coordinative Body,  said in press statement to SUNA that the FFC Coordinative Body  has spotted  the sabotage  and irresponsible practices at the oilfields  for elements of the dissolved party who are embracing with robe  of tribe and exploiting  the people’s demand  for local communities  to attain their partisan agendas.    

He added  that the  Coordinative Body  and  the Committee for Dismantling the June 30 Regime are seriously embarking  to revise all files of workers recently employed in the oil companies.

The Supervisor of the oil File at the FFC Coordinative Body pointed  to to arrangements with the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) to revise the file of the Association of Youth Around the Oilfields which embrace  and a number of cadres of the dissolved regime  who are working to  undermine the security at he oilfields, incite  the local commuinties  and  the owner  of the legitimate demands against  the state and the production operations.

He disclosed that the  protest movements at the areas of  oil production  and  some of towns of the State  were  one of the failed plots  of the remainants  of the dissolved National Congress Party

Abdalla affirmed  that the FFC  would repulse all attempts to capabilities  of the  Sudanese people  and its gains , specially the oil  which represent  one of its national  important  wealth

He renewed support to all the regular forces  which guard the oilfields  and for stability of  the area f or increase of  the production.

The  member of the FFC Coordinative Body in the state, Abdallah Hamed, asserted that there is no reluctance and complacency with anyone who tries to take advantage of the margin of freedoms to tamper and sabotage the country's economy.


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