Khartoum, Sep. 20 (SUNA) – The Minister of Justice Nasr-Eddin Abdul-Bari, has renewed his ministry’s commitment to work closely with the Committee for Dismantling of the June 30, 1989 Regime to reach the ultimate goal of dismantling the ousted regime.

Abdul Bari praised the efforts made to organize the Workshop on Best International Practices in Institutional Examination for its link to the democratic transformation and its importance in responding to the question on the way to get rid of the impacts of the ousted regime.

The Minister of Justice explained that the ousted regime, which lasted for 30 years, has established a system based on personal relationships, therefore it was not surprising that the Law for Dismantling of the June 30 Regime was the second law to be issued.

The minister indicated stressed that the Committee for the Dismantling of the June 30 Regime was established on a constitutional and legal basis, and represents the practical expression of the revolution, adding that the committee works to establish channels for reviewing and appeal in order not to leave room for injustice, and that the complainant can resort to the Supreme Court.

He regarded the workshop as a good expression of the cooperation between Sudan government and the United Nations.


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