Khartoum, Sept. 21 (SUNA) – The member of the Committee for the Dismantle of June 30 Regime, and the Recover of Public Money, Wajdi Saleh, has called for the restructuring of the military and security institutions to purify them from the remnants of the defunct regime who hold and control them.

In an interview with Sudan TV this evening, he asserted on the expedition of implementing critical decisions by the revolution forces to get rid of all the elements that hinder the performance of the transitional period.

He pointed to the manipulation and corruption of the remnants of the defunct regime with country's capabilities and the public money, indicating the necessity of the revolutions’ forces cohesion to work for the implementation of the revolution's program to achieve the goals of the transitional period of holding free elections.

Wajdi Saleh, has asserted the necessity of reviewing and evaluating all the past experience, filling the gaps, and working on all elements of the defunct regime that work to break up the entity of the revolution and create compassion among its factions, indicating that they would not allow them to manipulate the capabilities of the Sudanese people and create differences between the revolution forces, pointing to the external threats that surround the revolution and its supporters.

 He stressed the committee’s goal to speed up the removal of the elements of the former regime that control all state institutions and impede their work and the people’s interests, and to eliminate all those who intend to plan a coup.

He pointed to revolution’s forces variation within one framework, not within the framework and their knowledge of their one destiny and goal, which is to achieve the goals of the revolution for reaching free and democratic elections.


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