Khartoum, Sept.  24 (SUNA) The member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, deputy head of the Committee for Eliminating Empowerment, Fighting Corruption and Recovering Public Funds, Mohammed Al-Faki, affirmed that the Sudan’s experience of the committee has impressed foreign experts after comparing it with other committees in the world.

He noted that the experts underlined the decisions of a sovereign committee that goes to the judiciary in the end, stressing that it is a unique experience that should be studied.

In an interview with the National TV today, Al-Faki pointed to openness of foreign organizations with the Empowerment Removal Committee, indicating the communication of the committee through the Ministry of Justice with committees, organizations and institutions working in the field of money laundering that will not be disclosed due to its confidential nature.

He pointed to the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) as part of this communications at the request of the Prime Minister to present its experience, with regard to the workshop that was held recently, he said we were going to present the results of the workshop on the day the coup occurred.

Member of the Sovereign Council, the Deputy Chairman of the Dismantling Committee, Mohammed Al-Faki, reiterated that the crimes that were committed by the defunct regime are not criminal, but political and national, admitting the failure in the media performance, pointing to the health situation that led to the adoption of health precautions and the return of the most watched press conferences after the improvement of the situation, indicating keenness to give opportunities to the other opinion.

He pointed to the committee subjection to monitoring after the formation of the Anti-Corruption Commission, along with the prosecution, the sovereign authority and the free press.

Al-Faki asserted the committee’s decisive dealing with the accused by transferring them to the prosecution, pointing to those who have been tried with five years, the persons under investigation, noting his request to the Public Prosecutor to investigate the “Zubeida case”, he explained that he submitted a request to the Public Prosecutor to investigate it and saluting the journalists in this regard.

He indicated his repeated call for the necessity of formation of the Appeals Committee to the Sovereign Council to complete the justice cycle, pointing to the TSC demanded for meeting with the committee to evaluate its performance and make observations, and then form the Appeals Committee, indicating that appeals are subject to conditions, the most important of are to be submitted by the aggrieved person, while the most affected are the least level in crimes.

Regarding the stolen funds abroad, Al-Faki pointed to the great work of the separate committee for the Recovery of Foreign Funds, referring to the great cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, especially with regard to the huge archive of information related to looting and corruption.

In his answer to a question about the issuance of a law classifying the dissolved National Congress Party as a terrorist activity Al- Faki stressed that is not of the of the committee’s works and it is a matter that need a political legislation and more political discussions.

Al- Faki has emphasized keenness of the transitional government on the stability of the country and the continuation of the partnership in a responsible spirit, the serious work for a dignified living.


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