Al-Foula, Oct. 1 (SUNA)- Transitional Sovereignty Council Member  and Commander of SPLA-N Malik Agar Eyre has affirmed the importance of accord among the civilian and military  components  and ruling partners for  achieving the tasks of transitional period and stability of  the country.

He pointed out that all are equal in ruling the country and each component has the right to rule.

 This came when Agar addressed today SPLA-N troops at Al-Higairat area of Al-Foula Locality in West Kordofan. 

He said that Sudan lives in a political crisis that requires reconciliation to make enemies miss the chance.

The TSC Member stressed the importance of unity of Sudan and the implementation of Juba agreement for peace in Sudan.

 He noted that the civilian component started the change and the military component achieved the mission, calling on all partners’ of change to resort to wisdom and work together.

TSC   Member noted that the civilian state requires legislations to support and strengthen it, calling for implementing the requirements of the revolution, top of them the formation of the legislative council.

Agar called for shunning of hate speech and racism and instead sitting together for coexistence and achievement of interests.


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