Sinja, Oct 7 (SUNA) – The Dali farmers called off the strike they staged before the State Government Secretariat, yesterday after the Wali (Governor) of the State issued a decree forming specialized committee to determine and assess the agricultural damage in the area.

The employees of the Secretariat of Sennar Government continued their work normally following a four-day shut off.

The Governor of Sennar, Al-Mahi Mohammad Suleiman, the Forces of Freedom and Change and the Empowerment Removal Committee addressed the press conference yesterday, in which they confirmed the governor’s decision not to plant in forests to maintain the ecological balance and increase the state’s resources of forest products, declaring their agreement to form a committee to enhance project protection.

 They warned the remnants of the former regime against exploiting the farmers’ problems in an attempt to reproduce the former regime with a new image.


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