Khartoum, Oct. 9 (SUNA) - The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr. Al-Taher Ismail Harbi, has welcomed the contributions that the USAID continued to provide to Sudan in the agricultural sector.

During his meeting Saturday at the ministry with the Executive Director of the USAID to Sudan, Mervyn Farroe, Dr. Harbi praised the firmness of the Sudanese  -   American relations, indicating that Sudan has benefited from the USAID in the agricultural sector, especially in training and rehabilitation fields.

He explaining that the Tozi station is one of the contributions of the USAID in Sudan.

Harbi said that Sudan enjoys vast natural resources represented in large cultivation areas and irrigated and rain-fed schemes, stressing that cooperation between Sudan and the United States is represented in the transfer of modern technologies and training to benefit from them in the agricultural sector, on which Sudan relies for increasing the production.

The Executive Director of the USAID Office in Sudan pointed out that the USAID will support the agricultural sector in Sudan and encourages the provision of means of livelihoods to eradicate hunger, especially since Sudan is bestowed with large natural resources that enable it to become the world's food basket.

He praised the glorious December revolution and the change brought about by the revolution, stating that there are some challenges facing the agricultural sector due to the climatic changes.

He affirmed his keenness to work for strengthening Sudanese-American relations.


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