Khartoum, Oct 11 (SUNA) – The Legal Coalition for the Protection of Revolution and Support Democratic Transition, ON Monday, announced the foundation of a comprehensive l egal entity to protect the revolution, dismantle the bodies of the defunct regime and reform the justice bodies.

The announcement released during a press conference Held by the coalition, at the premises of the Empowerment Committee, where, three mechanisms were set up to support transition and democratic transformation.

The press conference stressed the necessity for extraditing who are wanted by the International Monetary Fund (ICC).

Lawyer, Abdel Gader Al-Badawi Rahamtalla has pointed out that the mechanisms were formed because of the war being declared against the revolution and to implement the goals of the revolution and the participation of all the lawmen to extend legal support to protect the transition.

Ustaz, Nasr Edeen Rahal has underlined that the lawmen have pioneering role and duties represented in defending the Dismantle Committee, trying the elements of the defunct regime.


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