Khartoum, Oct 14 (SUDAN) Romania announced that Sudan will the gate of Romania to launch a group of investments in the African continent through the establishment of Sudan Coordinative Office.

The Sudanese-Romanian Economic Forum which is organized by the Sudanese businessmen Federation in cooperation with the Romanian embassy, Romanian Chamber of Commerce and the Sudanese Romanian Friendship Society, at A-Salam Hotel in the presence of some embassies, affirmed the necessity for the increase of cooperation and trade investment the private sectors of the two countries.

The Deputy President of the Federation, Malik Jaffar said the forum comes in the context of the Union’s efforts to strengthen Sudan economic relations with the different countries of the world following the end of the international isolation Sudan witnessed during the last years.

The Union’s External Relations Secretary, Abdel Halim Issa said the activities of the forum witnessed basic ideas to develop the investment and trade relations between Sudan and Romania through the private sectors in the two countries.


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