Khartoum, Oct. 15 (SUNA) – The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, Friday evening directed an important address to the Sudanese nation on the current political situation in the country.

Hereunder, the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) provides an unofficial translation of the Prime Minister’s statement:- In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate Dear citizens Peace, mercy and blessings of Almighty Allah.

You have followed up the recent events in the country, and the severe political crisis that we are experiencing now, and I will not exaggerate if I say that it is the worst and most dangerous crisis that threatens the transition, and even threatens our entire country, and warns of a terrible evil.

The failed coup attempt on the last September 21st was supposed to turn from a threat to an opportunity to alert everyone to the danger threatening our country, and to be considered the alarm bell that sounded so that people would pay attention to the causes of the crisis and the entrances to evil.

A safety fence for the transitional period and fortifies it against all dangers and adventures; But instead, that attempt was the door through which the strife entered, and all the differences and accusations hidden from all sides came out of their hiding place, and were about to abort the fate of our country, our people, and our revolution.

Our experience in the revolution and its aftermath was unique in all its aspects, and its results were an outcome of the status quo and the balance of power in times of negotiation, but it was a source of inspiration for many peoples in the world, especially after what happened to many of the experiences of transition that preceded us in the region.

Our people paid a high price in this revolution in terms of the lives and the blood of its sons and daughters, who perfumed its riches with the fragrance of martyrdom, and the injured and the missing made great sacrifices, and it was a long journey of struggle in detention, prisons, ghost houses, exiles, immigrants, displacement and refugee camps, and we will not forgive ourselves mad history will not forgive us if we do not achieve its slogans for freedom, peace and justice, and we did not reach the desired ends of transition.

Sons and daughters of our honorable people...

 During the past period, I have been involved in a long series of meetings and meetings with all parties and with all components of the revolution, the transitional organs and state institutions with the aim of opening doors for dialogue, finding common ground between the parties and addressing differences. I have been doing this out of a sense of the historical responsibility and honesty that our people have placed upon us, my colleagues and me in the institutions of the transitional power.

Throughout this period, I have been confirming what I want to confirm to you today; This crisis is not born today, it did not descend upon us from the sky, and it did not surprise us at all. Rather, I have already addressed it with a detailed diagnosis in the initiative (National Crisis and Transition Issues - The Way Forward).

The essence of this crisis, which we should not lose sight of, is the inability to agree on a national project that is agreed upon between the forces of revolution and change that achieves the goals of the glorious December revolution and the hopes of our people for freedom, peace and justice.

This impossibility comes as a result of deep divisions among civilians and among the military, and between civilians and the military, so I kept saying that the dispute is not between civilians and the military, but rather between the camp of the civilian democratic transition and the camp of the coup against the revolution, a disputet in which I am not neutral or mediator.. My position is clear and firm, it is the complete bias towards the civil democratic transition and to complete the tasks of the glorious December revolution and to achieve its slogans of freedom, peace and justice.

Sons and daughters of our honorable people...

As I mentioned, during the past few days, I held a series of meetings and meetings with all components of the transitional period, and had extensive discussions with them about what should be done in the coming days to get the country out of the current bottleneck and direct the path towards achieving the goals of the glorious December revolution.

My approach is to stay away from personalizing issues and their margins, and to focus on the core issues in which solutions must be reached, ensuring the fortifying to the transition, correcting its pitfalls, securing the country’s unity and safety, and providing a decent livelihood for its great people.

I concluded from these discussions the need to look to the future instead of drowning in the details of the past, and we may have only two years left to reach the threshold of the elections, which we must start preparing for immediately and without delay.

A summary of my discussions with the parties of the crisis, I summarize it in a road map that shows the steps to get out of the crisis and to turn it into an opportunity that our people can seize for achieving the good, stability and development.

1- The necessity of an immediate halt to all forms of escalation between all parties and ensuring that the only way out is a serious and responsible dialogue on the issues that divide the forces of transition.

2- Returning to work in all the transition institutions, provided that the differences are put in their correct places and that they are managed from other locations and in more mature methods and commitment to responsibility and with a single compass that is in the interest of this people, their stability and development.

3-Agreeing that issues such as terrorism, internal national threats, and on borders or from outside the borders should not be subject to any kind of speculation, bidding, or doubts about intentions. What harms other countries is the presentation of national security issues in an open market for interventions and transitory purposes.

4-Refrain from taking unilateral decisions and steps, and not to exploit the state institutions and agencies, which belong to all Sudanese people, in the political disputes.

5-The reference for compatibility between the components of the transitional power is the constitutional document. It is a reference that must be respected and implemented in letter and spirit, and all positions and issues can be discussed based on this reference.

6- In compliance with the constitutional document, the dismantling of the party state in favor of the nation-state is a constitutional obligation, necessary to dismantle the grip of the former regime on the state bodies and its wealth, and therefore it is a goal that must not be done without retreat, but there is nothing to prevent a review of the ways and means of work, guaranteeing the right of appeal and achieving Justice.

7- We must end all kinds of discord between all components of the freedom and change, in order to broaden the base of transition, and to be able to absorb all the forces of revolution and change.

 8- Transitional justice remains the best means by which the wishes of the victims and their families are fulfilled, without neglecting the political, material and legal costs that must be paid for this.

 9- The Prime Minister's initiative (National Crisis and Transition Issues - The Way Forward) is the agreed upon platform for immunizing the transition. The mechanism is working hard to provide specific insights into the nine transition issues identified by the initiative.

10-The outcome of these discussions will be translated and implemented through a broad consensus on a broadly representative Legislative Council that expresses the plurality and diversity of the country and the forces of revolution and change, and represents the fortress of the revolution and its reference, its supervisory body and the source of its laws and legislation.

 I will supervise implementation of these steps with all parties and I will seek to finish them in a short time, as our country cannot tolerate more disputes, and it is our duty to all work to achieve the goals of the glorious December revolution without delay.

Dear people,

Attempts to spread rumors about failure or sowing frustration are no longer a valid commodity at a time when the exchange rate has stabilized, the necessary needs are met, and the movement of production and exports has flourished. Our Sudanese people have suffered for many decades, and have missed out on the economic renaissance despite the possibilities.

 Today, we can confidently confirm that the economic indicators during the past period have been improving. Despite this, we understand with full awareness that the Sudanese people are the most capable of measuring positive transformations. Reap the fruits of change.

Our dear people...

 The issue of eastern Sudan is a just cause that finds its roots in decades of neglect and marginalization that have accumulated, making it the poorest part of the country and the richest in resources and capabilities. The transitional government places upon itself the task of ending this marginalization and considers it seriously and with determination.

I have been constantly working on presenting a comprehensive perspective on dealing with the crisis that transcends power-sharing and answers the urgent development questions posed by the issue of the East. . Therefore, we must overcome the current crisis and start looking with a new comprehensive perspective to address this issue.

I invite all the political and social forces of the East to a round table meeting in which we reach practical arrangements for consensus on the issues that provoked the current crisis. I also call on our people in the East to open the port and roads and resort to direct dialogue, so that the country's security, strength and sovereignty are not harmed, and the suffering of our patient and honorable people is not increased.

In conclusion, our message to our people is that we are committed to completing the civil democratic transition and handing over the country to an elected government through free and fair elections under a democratic system.

Our message to all parties of the transitional power is that nations are not built with personal feuds and transient emotions, but are built with respect for laws and institutions and making concessions in order to create common grounds with others that enable us to work together to build the homeland and achieve stability.

- Our message to ourselves is that the task of the transitional government is to transform the Sudanese people from a state of fear, panic and anticipation during the past thirty years, to a state of tranquility and reassurance, and to enter into future plans with a deep sense of safety and confidence, and this will only be by paradoxing tyranny once and for all and striving towards democracy and its requirements with consent. and convinced. We will not tolerate or give in to attempts to abort the transitional period through coups or sabotage acts.

- We respect the right of the masses to peaceful and democratic expression, a right that the masses have reached with their continuous struggles, and we are working to protect and secure it and to discuss the demands put forward with an open mind.

 - We seek to expand the base of participation and for all the forces of the revolution to unite behind the declared goals, and to have its guide the slogans and goals of the revolution, even if its platforms are numerous.

 We also seek to review and improve the transition institutions to be representative of all Sudanese and able to reflect their desires and ambitions. We respect the military institution and other regular forces, and appreciate their role in protecting the homeland and citizens, and we do not bear the burden of coup attempts and the illusions of adventurers.

We work with all partners and transition institutions to ensure a unified national army with a national military doctrine. We sought to reform the security and military sector, and one of its goals is to make it qualified and equipped with modern means to perform its tasks.

 - We work on reviewing our performance and correcting our mistakes, and we do not stop learning from our experience and the experiences of others.

 The experience of moving ahead is difficult and complex, and the most important person who thinks that he owns all its accounts and draws all its steps accurately.

 We stretch our hand to all countries and peoples of the world, especially those who supported the transitional government and its programs, thanking them for their material, political and moral support, and assure them of our determination to transfer the balance of this support for the benefit of our country and people, freedom, democracy, security and stability that is reflected in the entire region and the region.

We also assure them that the Sudanese people who carried out this great revolution are able to overcome all adversities to emerge from it more powerful, resilient, and steadfast. Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah be upon you


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