Kosti, Oct.21 (SUNA) - White Nile State’s Cities witnessed today  big rallies led by forces of December glorious revolution, chanting the slogans of freedom, peace and democratic transition.

SUNA Office in White Nile state conducted the following investigations with the demonstrators.

 Member of  resistance committees at kosti townو Obaid Al-Shatir, said the commemoration of October,  21 revolution is considered a second uprising against the defunct regime.

 He pointed out that the resistance committees in White Nile State called for handing over power to civilians unconditionally.

He added the resistance committees support Empowerment Removal Committee and commend its role in dismantling the fronts of the defunct regime.

 Meanwhile Al-Shatir called on for completing the civilian power structures.

 Mutaz Khalid Babiker from Civilian Consensus Forces said the commemoration of October 21 is very dear to the hearts of all Sudanese people.  

This day he said restores the glory of the December Revolution.

Mutaz demanded a civilian state and completion of transitional power, making arrangements for holding elections  and commitment to the constitutional document.

SPLM-N leading member Nimat Gamma affirmed that  the Commomoration  of October, 21 Revolution came  to realize democratic transition, freedom and justice.

 Nimat stressed  the importance of patriotic unification particularly at this critical juncture.

She affirmed that SPLM-N supports the democratic civilian transition, commitment to transitional document, Juba peace agreement and the return of IDPS and refugees to their original villages.


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