Al-Fashir Oct.21(SUNA)- Revolutionary Alliance  Forces (RAF) supporting democratic transition in the country , National Consensus Forces  for Unifying  Forces of Freedom and Change and  the Resistance Committees in Al-Fashir the capital of  North Darfur commomorated, today  the 57th Anniversary of October 21 Glorious  Revolution.  ,

Thousands of people gathered in Al-Fashir chanting slogans of December revolution, freedom, peace and justice and demanded completion of the revolution goals.

National Umma Party leading Member, Advocate, Munir Mohamed Khatir said that the celebration of the Sudanese people on October 21 revolution  today throughout  the country represents commemoration to one of  the most biggest  liberty day the world had witnessed.

 This celebration came at time that Sudan goes through critical turnuing point that represented in the state of fragmentation and divisions between the political components, as well as the dispute between the two partners (civilians and military) of the transitional period, said Khatir.

This dispute according to khatir aims at hindering the transitional period and democratic transition in Sudan.

But, he said the fact is that there is no retreat from handing over the presidency of the Sovereignty Council to the civilian component to complete the remaining transitional period, and to hold the perpetrators of the crimes and violations that occurred in Darfur and other regions of Sudan accountable and be extradited to the International Criminal Court.


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