Khartoum, Oct 21 (SUNA) – Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, on Thursday, saluted the millions of the Sudanese who took to the streets of all cities and countryside of the country, and the countries of the diaspora to affirm adherence to the democratic civilian transformation and the slogans of the Glorious December Revolution of (freedom, peace and justice).

Dr. Hamdouk outlined following the huge crowds that took to the streets, today, throughout the country in support of the civilian rule that the Sudanese people proved and renewed their commitment to the peacefulness and conveyed its message of not to retreat from the goals of the revolution.

“I salute the citizens of my country on this great day, the 57th anniversary of the glorious October Revolution. We have been searching for the democratic national project for more than five decades, and since the October 1964 revolution” he said.

The Prime Minister vowed to work for the completion of the transition institutions and realize the goals of the revolution, lauding the great role being played by the police for protecting the processions and all means of peaceful expression.


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