Damazin, Nov. 7 (SUNA) - Sorghum harvesting operations began today in Blue Nile Region at projects owned by small scale farmers as they are expected to yield high productivity of 20 bags/ a feddan thanks to their adoption of modern farming technology of zero tillage agricultue.

 The General Director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests in the region, Dr. Abu-Bakr Al-Tahir, said in a statement to SUNA  that the government of the region gave concern to small framers and implemented modern technology programs  of zero tillage farming over wide agricultural areas.

 Dr. Al-Tahir pointed out that farmers were trained on  use of the modern technology where the targeted propjets are expected to achieve high yield pre a feddan.

He hoped that the experience would  be generalized in big agricultural schemes during the next agricultural season.      


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