Khartoum, Nov./8(SUNA)-Commander of the Rapid Support Forcse(RSF) Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has underscored  firm commitment with democratic transition and  convocation the elections in the fixed time,  in the year 2023.

He reaffirmed full commitment  to achievement of the goals of the revolution which are represented  in freedom, peace and justice, provision  of  means of  decent living and basic services  for citizens, formation of the civilian-led government without dictation from anyone, achievement of stability and peace along with putting into consideration  the high interests of the country    ,  

The RSF Commander pointed to recent decisions  of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces which, he said, came to correct  the track of the people’s  revolution and  to preserve the country’ security and stability as well as  the unity of our people and territory after all attempts of reform failed ,because, he explained,   a small group has imposed control  over  the country and engaged in struggle over  power and  neglected  the people’s demands expressed in their glorious revolution.

 He also affirmed full respect for the right of youth and women to freedom of expression and peaceful democratic demonstration and to work to protect and secure it in accordance with the law.

Daglo reaffirmed  commitment  with the democratic transformation and completion of the transition process as well as preserving the country’ security and gains of the glorious December revolution in order to reach to civilian-led elected government.

He underlined that the regular forces  are  keen over   the people’s security and  safety  and  that  the regular forces would work side by side with our people  to achieve demands  of the revolution  and improve  the people’s living.


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