Obied, Nov.15(SUNA)-The Secretary-General; of Government of North Kordofan State,Fadlalla Mohamed Ali Al Tom, has affirmed that the native administration would have  effective role in all the State’s programs and activities  and provision of basic services to citizens.

This came when he met  at the Government’s General Secretariat with the native administration leaders and Nazirs(chieftains) in  North Kordofan State during which he presented a briefing about progress of situations in the country , referring to the native administration role  in  maintaining  security and stability  and its  support to the State efforts  to achieve  development and stability.

The Secretary-General of the State government said  it is expected that the native administration  to play more role in boosting  the  social fabric and unity of rank  during this period, indicating to  concern of  the state government with the native administration  and  removal of  obstacles  that impede its work.

The leaders of native administration, for their parts, reviewed a host of matters and issues of concern to the native administration, stressing  keenness and full cooperation with the State government  in this period which requires cooperation of all.

 They called for giving more attention to people’s issues , particularly issues of  livelihood , water and security.


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