Gedarif, Nov.15 (SUNA)-Various components from Gedarif State representing native administration  Sufi sects, youth and women sectors  demonstrated  today in  support of commander in Chief Gen. Abdel –Fattah Al-Burhan’s reform  decisions aimed at realizing democracy transition, establishing a  civilian state and maintaining security and stability in the country  .

The demonstrators marched form the gathering point to the 2nd Command of Infantry Division Leadership in the state.

Addressing   the protesters the  Commander of the Infantry Division , Maj. General Haydar  Al-Tirafi  affirmed  that people of Gedafi  state previously  supported armed forces when  they had  moved  troops to  restore Al-Fashaga  area .

 Now  he  said,  they are protesting in support of Commander- in- Chief decisions, describing,  the  people of Gedearif  state as  representing   a mini  Sudan saying, the components  live in   the state are representing all Sudanese  ethnic groups.    


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