Kosti Nov.19 (SUNA) - The judiciary in White Nile State organized a training session for the state's Mazoons(official  authorized to perform  marriage ceremonies)  on protecting the rights of the child, in cooperation with UNICEF.

The course lasted for three days and targeted forty Mazoons from the various  localities of the state.

Mustafa Abdel Rahman Qarga, Head of the Training Department at  the Judicial , said that the course discussed  a number of working  papers tackling  the  legal procedures related to child marriage, child rights, gender-based violence, the psychological and social effects of early marriage and the health effects of child and underage marriage.

 He added  the training session presented  a comprehensive enlightenment on marriage. Its bases  and conditions, noting that the session came out with a number of recommendations regarding the necessity of following the correct procedures with regard to issuance of  marriage contract documents, expecting  that these outcomes would contribute positively to the performance of the Mazoons in the state.ab/ab

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