Khartoum, Nov. 24 (SUNA) – The Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk affirmed that he did not hesitate to sign the framework agreement because it allows the restoration of the civil democratic transformation agenda, indicating there is no complete agreement, but there is what allows the transformation and the work together for the country’s benefit.

Hamdouk added, during an interview by Sudanese Channel 24, that the agreement made it possible the specifying of date for the end of the transitional period and the handover of power to elected representatives who will have the peoples’ mandate in 2023. He pointed to the framework agreement treatment to all the challenges of the past period, noting the participation of dozens of individual and collective initiatives,  and the outcome of a dialogue that was agreed upon. Hamdouk noted that on the last night, 30 people representing all the political spectrum (freedom and change, revolutionary movements, national figures and academics) all participated in this agreement. He indicated the completion of the democratic elections, holding the national constitutional conference , the elections, continuing the economic reform, with its clear results, continuing the “Thamrat” program, supporting health, education and infrastructure, continuing the peace process and negotiating with Abdel Aziz Al-Helo and Abdel Wahed Nour movements, extending Security in all parts of the country, and the creation of a healthy and safe environment for holding elections with regional and international monitoring. Hamdouk emphasized that the framework agreement came to spare the blood of the Sudanese and the gains made in the previous two years ,  the peace agreement and to deal with all the challenges and is considered an extension of the Sudanese experience of transition. Prime Minister Hamdouk said: "We can reach the most beautiful and best agreements, and if they are not implemented, they have no value," stressing the keenness of the civilian and military components that the country not enter into failure, pointing out that the lesson is that the country is about to perish, which led to the agreement and the restoration of the revolution’s momentum to move forward and work together for the country building, indicating that a lot of time wasted without  accomplishing a number of issues such as the Transitional Legislative Council. ta

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