Gedaref, Nov. 30 (SUNA) - Ethiopian refugees transport operations started two days ago from Basonda border area of Gedaref State to the new Babikri refugees’ camp in the state.  

Director of Emergency Department at the Commission for Refugees Al-Fatih Al-Mugadam pointed out in a statement to SUNA that some 668 Ethiopian refugees out of a total number of 2390 were transported from Basonda town to Babikri camp.

 Al-Mugadam affirmed that this step came in implementation to agreements with UNHCR on reception of refugees.

 He pointed out that all basic services are provided at the camp through support from organizations. 

Al-Mugadam noted that other group of Ethiopian refugees numbering 1409 persons, who are now present at Haskanit,  Daboajuz, Taya and Umdabalo areas would also be transported to Babikri camp  within the coming few days.      


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