Khartoum 12/1-2021- (SUNA) - The Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk received a detailed report on the November 30 processions and some of the unfortunate events that accompanied them.

 This came when he met this afternoon in his office, in the Council of Ministers, the Director General of the Police Forces, Lieutenant-General, Anan Hamid Muhammad Omar.

The Prime Minister directed the leadership of the Police Forces to exercise the highest degree of professionalism in protecting peaceful processions, calling for carrying out an immediate investigation regarding the video circulating on the media and various platforms, which shows that policemen stormed a hospital in the vicinity of the processions yesterday and arrested a patient, and the Director of Police pledged to follow up the investigation.

The Director General of the Police Forces also renewed their commitment to work in accordance with the constitution and the law in a manner that preserves their security and safety for everyone and to exercise their right to peaceful expression, noting that all the police forces that were in the vicinity of the November 30 processions were accompanied by prosecutors who issued instructions on the required reaction.

The Director of Police, briefed Dr. Hamdouk for their future plans aimed at promoting the right of peaceful expression by taking the initiative to communicate with the organizers of the announced processions for prior coordination to ensure the protection and safety of protesters.

During the meeting, the Police Director expressed his regret for the casualties on the part of the demonstrators and the police forces, wishing them a speedy recovery.

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