Khartoum, De 14 (SUNA) -Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk said that since the signing of the political agreement on November 21, 2021, the transitional government has not been formed, due to the involvement of all political forces supporting the revolution and the civil democratic transition in a serious and deep dialogue. In order to agree on a national charter, and to create a broad front to achieve and fortify the civil and democratic transition.

Dr. Hamdouk added on his Facebook page that this national consensus will constitute a national framework to unify the ranks and establish a mechanism to form a government of national competencies, in addition to completing the structures of the transitional authority and monitoring its work, in order to achieve the priorities of the remaining of the transitional period, represented in implementing the Juba Peace Agreement and completing the peace process, and achieving Stability and economic recovery, strengthening the security situation, and completing the democratic transition process through holding  free and fair elections.


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