Khartoum, Dec.31(SUNA)-Advisor of the Commander-in-Chief  of the Armed Forces Brig. Al-Tahir Abu Haga said the continuation of demonstrations in their current way is nothing but a financial , psychological and mental drain for  the country and losing  energies and time in a  useless, adding that these demonstrations will not lead the country to a political solution.

He affirmed  that national consensus and circumvention around the country's supreme issues and dialogue is the only way towards stability of the country.

Brig Al-Tahir said that there are invisible  hands trying to drag the country towards chaos, and they do not want neither elections nor democracy, but rather an indefinite transitional period, indicating that these parties are monitored and known and will not be allowed to drag the country into the abyss and implement the plans of destruction that have been applied  in other countries in order to divide and fragment the country.


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