Khartoum, Dec.31(SUNA)-The Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources  has honored  companies which have achieved the planed production in the year 2021.

Director –General of the Company Mubarak Ardol who spoke on behalf of the Minister of Minerals lauded efforts being made by the companies that achieved the planed rate of production  despite obstacles  they faced in the year 2021.

He referred  to one of the challenges that faced  the mineral sector, most notably the spread of mixers using  thiourea  in the production areas  and markets and  and its deadly health effects on humans and the environment.

 Ardol pointed  to  a major campaign launched in the River Nile State  by the Company  to remove mixers, with personal follow-up from the Minister of Minerals.

. The Director General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Ltd. pointed to the necessity of establishment of the gold exchange project during 2022, announcing the Company's plan to establish a window for the company to complete the production and marketing cycle.

 He also announced the company's intention to establish a special laboratory to analyze mineral resources, indicating that these steps come within the framework of the self-development of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company to cope withy  the development in the mining sector.


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