Khartoum, Jan. 8 (SUNA) - Director General of the Police Forces Gen. (police)Anan Hamid Mohamed has visited wounded police personnel who were subjected to various injuries while participating in securing the 6th of January marches and who were admitted at Rabat University Hospital to receive medical treatment.

According to the follow-ups of the Police Press Office, the wounded policemen were attacked by demonstrators with hard objects and stones.

The Director General of the Police Forces heard a detailed report on the health conditions of the injured from the medical team treating them, and directed provision of the necessary medical care and all aspects of support for the injured police that contribute to their speedy recovery.

Gen. Anan called on the demonstrators to stay away from all manifestations of violence and chaos that lead to harming citizens, adhere to peaceful means during marches, and respect state institutions in order to preserve the cohesion of the community fabric and public safety.


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