Khartoum, Jan. 8 (SUNA) – The leader of the Revolutionary Front and member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Dr. Al-Hadi Idris, has announced his welcome to the United Nations’ initiative for sponsoring an official dialogue between the various the Sudanese components and the international partners to reach an agreement to end the current crisis in the country.

In a statement to SUNA, Dr. Al-Hadi Idris said that we look forward for the initiative to make a real breakthrough towards solving the current Sudanese political crisis, stressing that Sudan is at a crossroads and requires international intervention.

It is to be noted that the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Sudan launched talks on the political transition in Sudan in consultation with Sudanese and international partners officially, and that that United Nations will assume facilitation of initial consultations for a political process between the Sudanese parties.

The initiative aims to support the Sudanese stakeholders to reach an agreement, surpass the current political crisis and agree on a sustainable path for progress towards democracy and peace.


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