Khartoum, Jan.10(SUNA)-The Police Press Office on Monday issued a statement on marches and public movement  that  a number of localities of Khartoum State  and  a number of the states of the country witnessed yesterday.

The statement said the police forces carried out their legal duties in securing the marches and the public  and private properties  and that the police forces dealt with unruly cases with  reasonable legal force .

It  revealed  that one citizen from Bahri Locality died , other 8 people injured  and 22 of policemen were wounded  and that 86 suspects  have been arrested along with damaging  glass of police vehicles.    

The police statement disclosed  that a number of States of the country also witnessed  marches and public movement and ended calmly.

 “The police forces are ready to carry out their legal duties  in providing services to citizens, top of which is providing  security and public safety” said the statement  

The statement stated that the police  urges  the localities’ security committees to sit with the leaders of the movement to coordinate and determine the routes of the marches in order  to arrest the intruders who are used to  exploit the processions to achieve their illegal goals from one hand  and to ensure the safety of the participants and protect public and private property from the other .


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