Khartoum, Jan. 12 (SUNA) – The United Nations Integrated Assistance Mission for Sudan (UNITAMS) announced that it is conducting consultations on an inclusive political process among the Sudanese for moving forward for democracy and peace, and revealed seven points about this process represented in the United Nations facilitation to support Sudanese stake-holders to reach consensus on the way to move forward to address the current political stalemate and enhance the path towards democracy and peace.

It explained that the mission was established upon the request of Sudan and its mandate is to assist in the political transition, make progress towards democratic governance, and to support the government in promoting human rights and sustainable peace as part of its role of good offices under Security Council resolution 2524 (2020).

UNITAMS stressed that it will work with all actors to develop an inclusive process that can lead to consensus on the means to achieve a fully democratic, civilian-led transition.

The mission indicated that that the process launched by UNITAMS will begin with initial consultations with stake-holders, including the government, the political actors, the peace partners, the Armed Movements, the civil society, the resistance committees, the women groups and youth.

It pointed out that the United Nations has no position on the outcome of this process, which will be guided by the opinions of the Sudanese themselves, indicating that the UN will provide a range of capabilities to maximize the participation and to ensure engagement of all the political spectrum and all parts of the country

UNITAMS stated that the outcome of this initial phase of consultations will contribute to the designing the next steps of the process, adding that the mission is ready to facilitate additional steps at a later stage as necessary, possibly the work jointly with other partners, but this depends on the outcome of the consultations and the request of the parties.

It stressed that the United Nations is committed, according to its mandate, to support a civilian-led government as the ultimate goal of the transitional phase in Sudan, therefore the mission is guided by the principles of the organization, including respect for human rights and the central importance of the participation of women and youth in peace processes.

UNITAMS pointed out that the United Nations counts on the full cooperation of all parties, especially the authorities, to create an appropriate atmosphere for these consultations, including the immediate ending to the use of violence against peaceful demonstrators, holding the perpetrators of such violence accountable, and preserving and protecting the human rights of the Sudanese people.


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