Khartoum, Jan.14(SUNA)-Advisor of the Commander-in-Chief  of trhe Armed Forces Brig. Al Tahir Abu Haga  has underscored that those who  call for no partnership, no for negotiation, no for legitimacy and no for compromise   are working without  knowledge against the homeland, democracy and stability of the transitional period.

“Their goal is to inflame seditions  and slander the Armed Forces and the security system as an enemy of the people, to escape the elections and to appeal to the people’s opinion through the ballot boxes and not the mobilization and demonstration” he said.

Abu Haga pointed out that targeting the Armed Forces and other regular forces is targeting the national security and unity of Sudan, and the chaos that wants to tear the country apart cannot be allowed to continue.

He said, "Our situation requires a serious pause, and that there is no middle ground between Heaven and Hell, so there is no value for freedom if its fruits are death, blood and ruin."

  Abu Haga disclosed that  what is happening is a blatant departure from peacefulness, and those who kill are not seeking peace or freedom, but rather they are motivated by the motive of burning and dismantling this country.

. He noted that the silent majority is behind the Armed Forces and other regular forces and supports them in order to protect the transitional period until the country passes  this period.


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