Khartoum, Jan.21(SUNA)-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council(TSC) Gen. Abdel Fattah Al Burhan  has issued a decision assigning tasks of Ministers to  the following names :-

1-Osman Hussein Osman-Ministry of Cabinet Affairs.

2-Ambassador Ali Al Sadiq Ali-Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3-Abubaker Abulgasim Abdalla Abulgasim-Ministry of Physical Development , Roads and Bridges.

4-Dr Abubaker Omer Al Bushra Ahmed-Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

5-Batul Abbas Allam Awad Ministry of Industry.

 6-Amal Salih Saad-Ministry of Trade and Supplies.

7-Mohamed Abdalla Mahmoud-Ministry of Energy and Mining

8-Engineer Dhaw Al Beit Abdel Rahman Mansour –Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources.

 9-Adil Hassan Mohamed Hussein –Ministry of Commination and Digital Transformation  

10- Ahlam Medani Mahdi-Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation.

11-Dr Haithem Mohamed Ibrahim –Ministry of Health..

 12-Suaad Al Tayeb Hassana-Ministry of Labour and Administrative Reform.

13-Abdel Atif Ahmed Abbas-Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowment

14-Dr Graham Abdel Gadir-Ministry of Culture and Information.

15-Ayman Sid Salim-Ministry of Youth and  Sport.


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