Khartoum, Jan.28(SUNA)-Minister of Industry, Engineer Batul Abbas  Awad Allam has underscored  importance of oil industry sector as it is one of sectors that give value added tax(VAT) to products .

 She explained that oilseeds were one of the most important resources  that could enable Sudan  to achieve high agricultural products of oilseeds and  production of vegetable oils, especially peanut, sunflower and cottonseed

The Minister denied  during a meeting which brought together the Industrial Chamber delegation led by Al Amin Qurashi and Oil expert, Engineer Salah Bashir the report that 90% of industries have been brought to standstill, affirming that there is  abundant of oil products  in the market, and there are many operating factories

  . She pointed  to  the entry of 15new investment firms in the sector during the coming period, referring to the efforts made to localize the soybean industry with the support of the Japanese government and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) with the aim of providing soybeans for its settlement due to its multiple uses in industrial products.

 Engineer Batul  stated  that Sudan has the potential high soybean production that could  cover national needs and regional demand.

The meeting discussed  all the problems of the oil industrial  sector and the efforts made to overcome them, especially electricity, fuel, marketing, financing, and the increase in the exchange rate.


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