Khartoum, Feb. 2 (SUNA) - The acting Minister of Education, Mahmoud Siral-Khatim Al-Houri, said that the decision to extend the vacation of the first term of the academic year from February 7 to February 21st came due to the increase in cases of coronavirus infection and to ensure protection for the health of children and their families.

At the regular news forum of Sudan News Agency (SUNA) on Wednesday, in presence of members of the National Emergency Health Committee and representatives of the concerned circles, the minister said that extension of the vacation of the first academic term includes all public and private schools in Khartoum, noting that another decision was issued by the Foreign Education Department in the country, which also includes foreign schools with this decision, calling on all schools directors to abide by this decision.

Al-Houri pointed out that the basic and secondary certificates exams will be on time, June 11, 2022 for the basic certificate exam, and May 22, 2022 for the secondary certificate exam, explaining that these dates were chosen after taking into account the conditions that the country is going through.

Al-Houri affirmed the importance of cooperation between all sectors of society and the political, cultural and social components to combat this epidemic, which affects all aspects of life, by using all capabilities to reduce the infections by vaccination and adherence to the health precautions.

On his part, the acting Minister of Culture and Information, Graham Abdul-Gadir, called on all segments of the civil society to unite and intensify efforts to overcome the pandemic, indicating that we are facing a danger that affects education, development and the economy.


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