Al-Fasher, Feb. 5 (SUNA) - The Governor of the Darfur Region, Menni Arko Minnawi, said that the government of the Darfur Region will exert every effort in the coming period to make peace prevail in all parts of Darfur and the country in general.

He wrote in his account in Facebook after his meeting on Friday afternoon with the leaders at Zamzam camp for displaced people, southern of Al-Fasher city, Manawa pointed out that the main problem in Darfur is the dispute over land and the attempt to blame the camp residents for all the killing, looting and rape acts.

The meeting was attended by the Wali (governor) of North Darfur State, Nimir Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, members of the state’s security committee, the Secretary General of Darfur legion’s government and representatives of UNITAMS.

The meeting was aimed to discuss and to find solutions for the problems facing the citizens at Zamzam refugees’ camp.

He pointed out that the displaced people demanded disarmament of the militias' unlicensed arms, reactivation of the security arrangements clause, imposition of the prestige of the state, and the refrain from protection to criminals.

He stressed that the displaced are the real stakeholders for whom the Juba Peace Agreement stipulated the provision of justice and compensation.


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