Al-Fasher, Feb. 9 (SUNA) – The head of the UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission to Sudan (UNTAMS) in Al-Fasher has affirmed continuation of the consultations launched by the Head of UNITAMS mission and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Volker Perthes, to get out of the current political crisis and to reach an agreement on a sustainable path of progress towards democracy and peace in Sudan.

During her meeting Wednesday in Al-Fasher with a delegation of the People’s Congress Party, headed by its First Secretary General, Abdalla Mohamed Adam Al-Douma, the head of UNITAMS delegation to Al-Fasher said that the mission's role is limited to facilitating the processes and requirements of the democratic transition, and expressed its thanks and appreciation to the People's Congress Party for the vision it presented to get out of the crisis that the country is currently going through.

The First Secretary General, Abdalla Mohamed Adam Al-Douma, stressed that the problem of Sudan can only be resolved through a comprehensive dialogue that does not exclude anyone and that its outcomes are to be satisfactory to all. In his enlightenment to the head of Unites in El Fasher, reviewing the causes of the crisis that the country is facing and his party's vision to get out of this crisis.

He said that the remainder of the transitional period shall be managed by a government of independent competencies with a specific agenda represented in addressing economic deterioration and leading the country towards free and fair elections, bearing in mind the completion of the transitional period institutions, including a constitutional court and commissions.

Douma renewed his party's adherence to the civilian rule while for the military forces shall to bear the responsibility for security, stressing the importance of establishing the institutions of transitional justice, addressing the grievances and drawing up a road map to address Sudan's problems, provided that the constitution is to be approved by an elected assembly.

He called on the political forces to unite their rank and to give priority to the overall interest of the country and to work to present a clear vision in order to get out of this crisis that the country is facing.


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