Khartoum, Feb.22 (SUNA) - The National Campaign Initiative to Combat drugs and treatment of addiction in Sudan launched today at Friendship Hall in Khartoum.

 The campaign launched under slogan “Sudan free of Drugs and youth immunization against addiction.’

The inauguration   of the campaign took place in the presence of Vice President of Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo,  ministers and civil society organizations.

The TSC’s Vice President  addressing tha ocassion  pointed to the dangers of the spread of drug's  users.  

.‘’we fear for our generations as the concerned national  institutions have confirmed the increase of the phenomenon.

 He noted that UN put the number of drug users to 275 million across the world with an increase of 22 % from the previous year.

Daglo acknowledged that the state shoulders a great responsibility to address the phenomenon, strengthens border control and combat dealers and activates laws against activists in the field of drug dealing.  


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