Khartoum, Mar. 6 (SUNA) - The Social and Cultural Development Sector of the Council of Ministers reviewed, in its meeting today the annual performance report of the National Fund for Medical Supplies for the year 2021, presented by the fund’s director Dr. Badr-Eddin Al-Jazouli.

The report explained that the fund implemented an intensive emergency program during the year 2021, indicating that the program faced a number of challenges as a result of the health conditions and the effects of Corona.

Dr. Al-Jazouli explained that the National Fund for Medical Supplies was able to provide medicines and medical supplies at high rates during the past years, indicating that the available funding amounted to about 66 million euros only as self-financing and funding from the Ministry of Finance in addition to international grants.

He pointed out that the availability rate of medicines reached 46% in the year 2021, compared to the year 2020, where the rate reached 73%.

At the states level, he added, the average availability of accident and emergency medicines was 66%.

The sector also reviewed the annual performance report of the National Council for Drugs and Poisons for the year 2021, presented by Dr. Manahil Abdel-Halim, Secretary General of the Council, which reflected many of the Council’s achievements, most notably the success of the experience of using the electronic system in the registration and control process for importing and distributing medicines, as well as reviewing and updating the conditions and requirements for registration of medicinal products.


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