Khartoum, Mar. 12 (SUNA) - Sudan Airways Company announced that the plane intended to be disposed in the surplus is the Airbus A3OO, and that there is no intention to sell the Airbus A32O, as was circulated by the social media and some websites, explaining that the decision to sell the plane is not a decision issued today, but was achieved in the year 2018.

The company stated, in a press statement, about what is being circulated on the selling of the Airbus A300, that this plane has been suspended since the year 2018 and it needs a spare machine at a cost of four million dollars, in addition to spare-parts at the cost of around six to seven million dollars, besides its very high rate of fuel consumption according to the statements of specialists of the Airbus Company.

Sudan Airways explained that the maintenance of Airbus A3OO has exceeded the economic feasibility of its return to operation, and accordingly the selling was approved, in order to benefit from the proceeds of the sale, after the high maintenance costs were proven.

The company pointed to the convening and formation of several committees to study the possibility of the plane’s maintenance and studying of the costs, revealing that the recommendation came through the Engineering Department to sell the plane in the current situation, therefore the legal procedures were taken in accordance with the Law of Purchase, Contracting and Disposal of the Surplus, adding that the sale was not completed yet.


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