Khartoum, March 29 (SUNA) - A Chinese envoy called on Monday for lifting of sanctions imposed on Sudan as soon as possible.

China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations Dai Bing said that after the withdrawal of the United Nations and African Union peacekeeping mission from Sudan's Darfur region, the Sudanese authorities have assumed the primary responsibility for protecting civilians and therefore it is necessary to enhance their security capabilities, adding that the arms embargo negatively affects the building of security capabilities in Sudan and that the Security Council should amend sanctions procedures in a timely manner as the situation changes.

He told the Security Council that the Council Resolution No. 2620 adopted last month requires setting standards for amending sanctions imposed on Sudan by August 31, and that China hopes to respond to this requirement effectively, noting that unilateral sanctions constitute obstacles to Sudan's development and often fail to resolve problems and may create new problems, exacerbating the food, energy and economic crises, harming the livelihoods of the Sudanese people and causing new humanitarian consequences.

The Chinese envoy called on the relevant country to change its behavior, treat other countries as equals, and work together to achieve win-win results.

Regarding the political transition in Sudan, Dai said that despite the recent challenges, the process is moving in the right direction, calling on the international community to be patient and do more things that lead to Sudan's unity and stability, avoid man-made divisions, and help the country to explore the development path that suits its national circumstances.

He also called for exerting efforts to push the political process forward.

He said that the Sudanese Sovereignty Council affirmed, after the resignation of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, that it would remain committed to forming a civilian government, accomplishing all transitional tasks and engaging in dialogue with the relevant political factions, stressing that the Sovereignty Council deserves the encouragement of the international community.

Dai called on the international community, as part of its good offices, to fully respect Sudan's sovereignty and leadership, and focus on facilitating dialogue between the Sudanese parties to resolve differences, and avoid taking sides.

On March 22, the Permanent Mission of Sudan to the United Nations wrote to the President of the Security Council to express its concerns about the failure of the UN Secretary-General's report on Sudan to comprehensively and accurately reflect the situation in Sudan.

Dai said it is hoped that the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) will focus on its core mandate and fully respect and pay attention to the views of the Sudanese authorities, calling on the international community to support Sudan in exploring its development path that suits its national conditions and avoiding imposing external solutions.

Dai also stressed the importance of relaunching the Sudanese economy, pointing out that at present, high inflation, dwindling job opportunities and low household income are factors of instability to peace and security in Sudan, expressing China's welcome to the Sudanese authorities' efforts to improve the Sudanese economy.

 He added that when the Sudanese people were in dire need of assistance, some countries and international organizations have decided to suspend international assistance, which is clearly unhelpful.

He said China calls on UNITAMS mission to actively mobilize economic and development assistance to Sudan in accordance with its mandate, adding that China has always done its best to help Sudan's economic development.


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