Khartoum, April 23 (SUNA)- A joint meeting held Saturday morning at Ministry of Social Development in Khartoum State assured the importance of setting an emergency plan to combat the negative phenomena, top of them are beggary and vagrancy phenomena, that have increased annoyingly  and suspiciously recently, and amounted to be a threat for the national security.

The meeting included the General Director of the Ministry of Social Development in Khartoum State, the Director of Community Security police, the Director of Child and Family Protection Police, the Director of General of the Social Welfare and Childhood Council.

The General Director of the Ministry of Social Development in Khartoum State Siddig Frini, has called on the concern organs to play a positive role in implementing the set plans to eliminate negative phenomena, explaining that most of beggars in the state are foreigners, a matter that necessitates interference of some concerned federal ministries.

The General Director expressed that his ministry, through Council of Child Welfare, has formed voluntary social committees in localities to monitor the negative phenomena against children, indicating that the social committee includes (45) volunteers who were trained to deal with the voluntary psychological work, and also to deal with street children.

On his part, the Director of  General Department of Police Community, Brig. Muawiya Al-Siddig Mohamed, noted that the negative phenomena have widely increased in Khartoum and became linked to the organized crime, a matter that affected the citizen's security and stability.


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