Khartoum, April 26 (SUNA) - The investigator in the court of the case of 1989 coup plotters, Colonel (police) Jamal Khalifa, presented documents that include the investigation committee's address to government agencies about the money and property of the accused, and these authorities reports on the matter.

 The investigator noted that the committee addressed the Central Bank of Sudan, the General Registrar of Lands, the Companies Registrar, and the director of the Khartoum Stock Exchange, but the defense panel objected to submitting these documents at this stage.

The court continued its session in Khartoum today, headed by His Honor Hussein Al-Jak Al-Sheikh, the judge of the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Advocate Ahmed Abu-Zaid, lawyer for the thirteenth defendant, Ibrahim Al-Sanussi, appealed to the court’s about violating its founding order, explaining that the legal procedures were not followed when it was formed, requesting a review of the founding order according to Article (36) of the Procedure Law.

The prosecution responded by saying the court was set up in accordance with the criminal law.

 The investigator also submitted a document on Dr. Hassan Abdullah al-Turabi, in which he talks about the 1989 coup.

The court adjourned its sessions until the tenth of next May.


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