Khartoum, April 27 (SUNA) – The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Head of the UN Integrated Transmission Assistance Mission for Sudan (UNITAMS), Volker Perthes, said that the mission of UNITAMS, the African Union and the IGAD is to bring the stakeholders in Sudan in one dialogue room with the aim to holding talks to complete the transitional period in Sudan.

At the press conference of the tripartite mechanism, held Wednesday at Al Salam Rotana Hotel, Volker stressed that the mechanism acts as a facilitator between the Sudanese parties for success of the dialogue between stakeholders in order to reach a political agreement.

 He said that during their meeting with stakeholders, including the political forces, the army, the resistance committees, the women groups, the intellectuals and academics, it appeared that they agreed on the Sudanese - Sudanese dialogue, in addition to the refuse of some political forces to meet at one table for dialogue.

Volker indicated that it is important that the Sudanese parties shall agree first and to reach real elections, a matter which needs a certain atmosphere, explaining that the guarantees for this are the political will, good faith and work within the institutions, noting that the dialogue on institutions is necessary as they will urge the friendly and donor countries to help Sudan.

On his part, the envoy of the African Union, Prof. Mohamed Hassan Ould Labat, said that the joint tripartite mechanism agreed to set the first week of next May for the start of talks between the Sudanese parties.

He stressed that the dialogue should avoid the exclusion of some parties, especially the resistance committees and stakeholders.

The representative of IGAD, Ismail Aweys, pointed out that the mechanism has called on the authorities in Khartoum to provide the appropriate atmosphere for the launch of the dialogue, including the release of political detainees, to ensure success of the political dialogue between the various components.

He said that success of the dialogue would lead to political stability, paving the way for the Constitutional Conference and the discussion of Eastern Sudan issues and the challenges facing the political process in Sudan.


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