Khartoum, May 12 (SUNA) – The acting Minister of Justice, Mohamed Saeed Al-Hillu, pointed out that the state has given great concern to the combat of terrorism based on the threat posed by this phenomenon to the international peace and security and the stance adopted by Sudan in renunciation of all forms of violence and extremism.

In his address to the International High-Level Conference of Human Rights and Combat of Terrorism, organized by the UN Office for Combat of Terrorism during May 10 – 11 in Malaga, Spain, the minister stated that Sudan going through a transitional period which is governed by a constitutional document issued in the year 2019, amendment of 2020, that included an integrated system of human rights and the basic freedoms.

He indicated that the government has enacted several national legislations at the national level regarding the combat of terrorism and the ban on its finance, adding that Sudan is a signatory of various international and regional agreements in this regard.

Al-Hillu said that Sudan has adopted several methods and practices pertinent to the combat of terrorism and extremism through the method of thought dialogue with the terrorists, a matter that resulted in retreat of many of these elements from their thoughts and reintegrating them in the society.

He said that Sudan government further set organizational and monitory regulations for the financial institutions with the aim to combat the crimes of money laundering and the finance of terrorism.

The acting Minister of Justice also pointed to the establishment of specialized prosecutions and courts by Sudan government for combating terrorism.

He indicated that despite these efforts, Sudan is still facing many challenges that reduce its capability to combat terrorism, especially that Sudan is neighboring to seven countries that some of them are hosting terrorist elements.

He underlined that Sudan is exerting strenuous efforts at the level of the combat of the illegal immigration and, in the same time, the combat of terrorism and the organized crime, explaining that such efforts exceed Sudan's financial and logistical capabilities.

The minister assured Sudan commitment to the human rights in accordance with the International Law, besides the commitment to the combat of terrorism.

In his address, the acting Minister of Justice hoped that the conference will come out with recommendations that address the challenge of respect to human rights under the efforts to combat terrorism.


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