Khartoum, May 15 (SUNA) - The Director-General of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) Prof. Ibrahim Adam Al-Dekhairi inaugurated Sunday the activities of the country training session on the entrepreneurship in the field of freshwater aquaculture (Entrepreneurs in the field of fish farming), which AOAD in collaboration with the Sudanese Agricultural Council, Irada Microfinance Company and Bahri National College for the benefit of 40 participants, both male and female, of a number of Sudanese university’s graduates specializing in fish sciences.

The five-day session aims to rehabilitate and raise the capabilities of the participants in the field of fish farming, by introducing them to modern methods of fish farming, the basic pillars of the freshwater aquaculture process and the selection of cultured species as well as strengthening the competencies of entrepreneurship and acquiring the skills of managing small, micro and ultrafine enterprises and marketing of their products.

The training program comprises a number of issues and lectures related to freshwater fish farming, including innovation and development of ideas, digital marketing and business development with practical applications on fishponds, at the headquarters of the Arab Program for Freshwater Fish Farming, which is implemented by the organization in the Shajara area.


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