Khartoum, June 13  (SUNA) -The former deputy of the  resident engineer and dam expert, eng. Ahmed Abd-Allah Dafaa- Allah affirmed  that Merowe dam  was  designed with  high efficiency  and implemented by  engineers and  external and internal experts using  the  up-to-date  designs and technologies.

He underlined  that there are  no technical problems threatening  the  dam safety  and its efficiency and that the dam is operating with a high efficiency.  

Responding  to circulated  reports that there are technical problems in the dam body  Engineer Dafaa Alla  said in a special statement  to SUNA that there are no technical problems but there are problems  resulted from not carrying out  the regular maintenance works

He added that many engineers , experts and the high trained  competencies at Merowe Dam  have left the country and  that led  to absence of the regular maintenance.

The  dam expert  called  the government to pay attention to competencies in order  to keep  the dam, efficiency  and programing the maintenance  works according to the fixed timetables  to guaranteeing continuation  of  the dam work at its technical level.


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