Genaina, June 18 (SUNA) – The Sultan of Massalit tribe, Saad Abdul-Rahman Bahr-Eddin, has praised the reconciliation agreement achieved between Rezeigat and Messairiya tribes in West Darfur State on Saturday, stating that the reconciliation agreement will pave the way wide for consolidating the social peace values among the people in the area.

He stressed the native administration’s readiness to live up to its role in supporting peaceful coexistence programs through social activities, calling on the state to expand the prestige of the state and remove security threats by adopting tight security measures in order to protect the cultivation season and to enable the return of the displaced citizens and refugees.

The Sultan of Dar Gemir, Hashim Osman, called on the transitional government to control the movement along the border area between Sudan and Chad by reactivating inter-border protocols in order to enhance the stability in the border states, reactivate the legal and technical procedure, disarm the citizens and implement the provision of security arrangements for achieving sustainable stability and peace.

He also affirmed the importance of empowering the native administration in the administrative, executive and security aspects to combat the unruly persons, revealing the efforts of the native administration to extinguish the sedition that recently erupted in the Kulbus Locality between the Arab tribes of Awlad Zaid and Al Gemir, appreciating the initiative of Sheikh Issa Tazoura in this regard.

He called on the authorities to intervene urgently to support to the citizens affected in the recent events in Kulbus who have lost their properties and homes.


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