Genaina, June 20 (SUNA) - Vice - President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC), Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, has affirmed the necessity of speeding up the efforts to solve the issues of Jebel Moun Locality, through West Darfur State and the center.

He also pointed to his adoption to a number of issues related to the development and health and educational services in the area.   

In his address to a gathering of Messairiya Tribe people at the Secretariat General of West Darfur State, Daglo stressed the importance of the two parties' commitment to implement the reconciliation agreement that was signed by them.

He pledged to provide regular forces to secure citizens, especially at the areas of voluntary repatriation and to secure the cultivation season.  

Daglo called on the two tribes to stick to good faith, remove the bitterness, and open a new chapter of peaceful coexistence between them, in addition to avoiding bloodshed and preserving the social ties between them.

The Vice - President of TSC underlined that the reconciliation agreement will be a final one and obligatory procedures will be issues to force the two tribes not to violate the agreement, adding that joint forces will be provided to avoid any security threats and violation of the agreement.


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