Khartoum, June 20 (SUNA) – The court trying the case of assassination of martyr Mahgoub Al-Taj, the student of Al-Razi University – Faculty of Medicine, headed by Judge Zuhair Babiker Abdul-Raziq, will decide in its sitting next Monday on the call of the defence advocates for protection to the witnesses in the upcoming sittings.

The defence party applied in its today (Monday) sitting protection of the defence witnesses, explaining that these witnesses were subjected to a media campaign and that some of the witnesses have refrained from coming to the court to give their testimonies.

In its request, the defense indicated that in a previous sitting, the Vice  Chancellor of Al-Razi University, Dr. Ahmed Riziq, was summoned and on the next day, it appeared in the social media on a page registered in the name of the martyr’s father, a content that Dr. Ahmed Riziq, has come to testify in favor of the killers in spite that the martyr was assassinated in front of the gate of his university.

In another site, it was stated that this witness will not appear before court and that the court will issue a warrant of arrest against him.

In its next sitting on June 27, the court will hear testimonies of four defense witnesses, including the Vice - Chancellor of Al-Razi University, Dr. Ahmed Riziq, Major Mohamed Abdalla Mahmoud of the Security and Intelligence Service, the Medical Director of Al-Amal Hospital and the retired soldier Salah Mohamed Ismail.


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