Genaina, June 20 (SUNA) - Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, has pledged to help all the displaced, especially those of Kerenek area,  return voluntarily to their home areas, affirming that they will be provided by all the necessary services, including security, water and health centers, in addition to building a police station for them and supplying it with vehicles.

Daglo called on Massalit tribe to adhere to the religious values, peaceful coexistence and mutual respect with all tribes.

He also called for the unity of rank and agreement of the tribes on the process of dialogue and deliberation on the means to solve the issues of the area, especially the return of the displaced people to their home areas as well as their stability and protection.

Daglo stressed that peace can only be sustainable through tolerance, reconciliation and forgetting the bitterness of the past, pointing out that it is the responsibility the government to protect all the Sudanese citizens without discrimination.

He affirmed that that the Rapid Support Forces does not have a certain tribe, and that it is a national one that includes all the Sudanese people, including the citizens of Massalit tribe.

Daglo reiterated that that the law will be applied on everyone, and any member of the Rapid Support Forces’ personnel who committed any crime, adding that he will then be dismissed from the Rapid Support Forces after serving the legal punishment.


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