Khartoum, June 21 (SUNA) - The African Union has decided to suspend its participation in the facilitated meetings of the Sudanese - Sudanese dialogue, attributing this step turning of the dialogue into exclusionary tracks far from transparency and honesty. The representative of the African Union in Khartoum and spokesman of the tripartite facilitating mechanism for dialogue, Ambassador Mohamed Belaiche, said in joint press statements with the Forces for Freedom and Change (National Accord) group on Tuesday evening, "The African Union cannot participate in a path that is not followed by transparency, honesty and exclusion," adding that the African Union will not participate in a process in which all actors are not respected and treated with full respect and on an equal footing." He said that the African Union does not ask for any role and does not object to any method chosen by the Sudanese people to arrange their home and solve their crisis, stating that the African Union leadership gave directives not to participate in the future meetings of “camouflage, evasiveness, lack of transparency and in an exclusionary atmosphere”, according to his own description. Meanwhile, the Alliance of the Forces of Freedom and Change the (National Accord) group held a meeting on Tuesday evening at the home of the Minister of Finance and leader of the Justice and Equality Movement, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, with ambassadors and heads of African diplomatic missions accredited in Sudan, in the presence of the African Union representative in Khartoum and discussed the developments in the political situation and the progress of the Sudanese - Sudanese dialogue process facilitated by the tripartite of the African Union, IGAD and UNITAMS. The Governor of Darfur Region and leader of Sudan Liberation Movement, Menni Arko Mennawi, said that The National Accord Group rejected the bilateral dialogue, and demanded that all Sudanese parties shall be present for any dialogue process in order to resolve the crisis. MO  

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